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I like to draw as a hobby
Utterly in love with Benedict Cumberbatch

Fun Fact

crush:Benedict Cumberbatch is my first ever real human crush

(Before him, my crushes were always cartoon/game characters)

Pressure Point: my art, I tend to lose confidence in it sometimes

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Busy with animation project for the next 2 weeks


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∞ Scenes of Sherlock

John: So what about you, then? Where are you actually going now?
Sherlock: Oh, some undercover work in Eastern Europe.
John: For how long?
Sherlock: Six months, my brother estimates. He’s never wrong. 

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Off to Devon with you, have a cream tea on me.

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Anonymous - Can you imagine how happy Sherlock is when he says that John will take the bedroom upstairs, like, look at his relief when figuring out he would not be alone anymore and then goes to sleep thinking about how John saved his life in the first day they met, but suddenly get really nervous thinking about how he should take care to not lose his companion but with the time he realises he can be himself and that makes him even happier and in love

darlingbenny -




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jesus christ

my gawd…
these two…
*splits spleen from laughing so hard*

It got even better (worse?)!!

maybe that’s why ben isn’t on twitter

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To all my dear followers, especially mutuals

I should really really be spending my time on my school project coz the deadline is coming very very soon. Like I only have a week left, and I still have loads to do. So here’s where I need your help

anytime you see me:

Send me an ask and tell me to get my ass off tumblr and back to doing my project

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Dorky/silly Ben part 2

part 1

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