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And another (slightly) bigger version of the trailer…

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Sherlock: Get off my sheet!

Mycroft: Or what?

Sherlock: Or I’ll just walk away.

Me: Oh please walk away…slowly. (^____^) ♥︎♥︎

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third star

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I’ve made new stuff on my society6 =) And old stuff already in sale !

Go on it here [x] and share please =)

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Promo, because hollidays just started


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hello to all of you lovelies out there

So I’ve recently opened my Society6 account! C:

Feel free to check it out if you guys like it

In other news, I’m dying to go watch Hamlet in London next year so I’m trying to save up money for the trip. So for all of you guys who purchase my prints, I’m very VERY thankful, you receive my eternal love <3 Like seriously, you guys are helping my dream to come true!

And in my sad attempt to circulate this post, I’ll be having a sort of raffle thingy (idk what it’s supposed to be called ^^;).

Basically, for every 1000 notes of this post, I will pick one of you guys at random as winner and as reward I will draw a portrait of anyone of your choice (yourself, celebs, fictional characters, etc.)


  • likes and reblogs count :)
  • I will draw anyone, but I won’t draw any “Mature” rated materials

Feel free to ask me anything.

Thank you for your attention, love! <: